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Welcome to a new Global Marketing concept called Consumer Direct Marketing

Our Team has taken this concept to a new level by providing a 24/7 structure for a totally automated presentation of our Wellness company and opportunity!

This is a private web site and non members are here by invitation only!
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"Melaleuca Consumer Direct Marketing TM  program provides the opportunity for people to succeed through their own efforts.  Ten of thousands of families are now competing directly with major manufacturers of nutrition, pharmaceutical, personal care and home care products - and winning!  When people purchase Melaleuca products each month, profits from those sales go directly to families around the world rather that to large corporations."

Quote is from the President & CEO of Melaleuca, Frank VanderSloot

By clicking on the link below and filling out the forms for enrollment, understand that your information will not be sold or given out for any purpose other then to the company and your enroller for registration and support.

Thank you for your interest,


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Melaleuca News

January Launch 2004 Look What's New!


Call Melaleuca Executive Travel today


or online at

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New Sales Aids

Now Take Your Customers on a Guided Tour of
the Shopping Cart!

Effective immediately, you can now take your potential customers on a guided tour of the Shopping Cart!

It's now easier than ever to show others our fantastic selection of products by walking them through our online catalog.

After you have discussed the benefits of Melaleuca's products and their cost-per-use advantages, you can provide your potential customer with a guest username and password to access the enhanced guest shopping cart. You can then browse with them through the shopping cart and continue to teach them about the benefits of shopping with Melaleuca - or allow them to browse at their leisure.

Your potential customers will learn:

For your prospective customer to access the shopping cart, simply take them to, and in the Preferred Customer Login boxes enter:

Username: Shopping
Password: Cart

With the guest username and password - YOU control when your potential customers learn more about Melaleuca's complete product line, pricing, and Base Point advantages.


A great new tool from Melaleuca, The Wellness Company.




Products for increased energy and health - a real difference you can actually feel.

This page contains additional information about Melaleuca products, including product brochures, the latest information sheets, and third party literature - all in an easy-to-download format. Best of all, it's free!

Learn more about why you should supplement your diet with vitamins, minerals, and the science behind our nutritional supplements...and find out more about our unique patented formulas.

Note: All documents are in "pdf" format. In order to view and print them, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or higher. To download the Acrobat Reader at no charge, please click below:

Supplemental Brochures
Are Your Personal Care Products Safe?
Filled with information to help you educate yourself as to which ingredients are dangerous and which are not.
The Truth: Behind the Ingredient Myths
A logical, insightful look into the truth about the safety of ingredients in the products you use.
Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements
Getting to the Bottom of The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements: Is it really a useful tool for choosing a vitamin supplement?
Good Health Through Sound Knowledge
The Simple Approach to Weight Control
Your guide to the health benefits of weight control.
The Immune System: Your Key to Resisting Disease
An in-depth study on the immune system and how to acheive optimal health.
How Does the Access® Bar Work? The Physiological Mode of Action
A paper by Lawrence C.H.Wang, Ph.D., inventor of the Access Bar.
Glucosamine, Bromelain, Ginger, and Green Tea:
New Hope for Osteoarthritis Sufferers

Designed to teach you about the health benefits of glucosamine supplementation.
Dietary Fiber: Enhancing Cholesterol Levels, a Healthy Colon, and More
A comprehensive look at why medical professionals are consistently recommending fiber.
Eye Health: Preventing Cataracts and AMD
Insights on the roll that nutrition plays in helping maintain eye health well into the senior years.
Depression: Current and Alternative Treatments
An in-depth study on the causes of and treatments for depression; includes a guide to alternatives for antidepressant drugs.
Antioxidants: Battling the Deadly Diseases of Our Time
An insightful look at the health benefits of antioxidants as shown through research.



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Creating An Ad That Works

Magic Words Deliver Power

Magic Phrase #1 --  Attract All the Money You Need for any business venture you'd like to start.  The magic words here are "sophisticated investor."  Every successful professional -- such as a doctor or lawyer -- likes to think of himself or herself as sophisticated.  And you can often attract these people to invest in your business.

Run an ad in your local paper, highlighting those two key words.  Other magic phrases to include are "Local business person with excellent track record and reputable history"; "start-up business opportunity, limited investment, high potential return," and "references available."

Magic Phrase #2 -- Receive Free Expert Help for your business.  Simply announce, "I have a business problem and need expert assistance" either to a local business group (such as the Chamber of Commerce which you have in practically every town) -- or putting an advertisement in the business section of your local newspaper.  I've been absolutely delighted with the quality of assistance provided to me on several occasions by retired executives.  Seek them out in your local area, and you could benefit from this great source of experienced know-how, too.

Magic Phrase #3 -- Get Capable People to Work for Free. Your magic words here are "piece of the action."  Instead of paying a fixed salary, run ads offering people one of these options:

Anyone with a strong entrepreneurial instinct will be attracted by such an approach.  It means there will be no limit on their income, they will be more independent, they can set their own hours -- and the harder they work, the more they earn.  This is just the type of person you should employ.

Assume The Other Person Has Already Said "Yes"

Ask questions which assume the end result you seek.  For example, speaking with your bank manager about setting up a merchant account, you might ask these questions:

1. "How long does it normally take for a credit card charge to be credited to my account?"

2. "What discount or percentage of credit card sales will the bank charge us for your service?"

3. "How long would it take to get the service in place?"

4. "What equipment do we need to buy to make it easier for your bank to process our orders?"

Can you see how the end result -- having a merchant account so you can process the credit card orders -- is assumed by the very words used in each question?

Proven Key words to use to write an ad

"Multi-Millionaire's 7-Step 'How-To' Success System"
"How To Make and Keep $1,000,000!"
"How You can use this proven..."
"How to use the awesome potential..."
"How You can take advantage....."
"How To turn product users......"
"Discover How You can use this...."

Writing a Lead Generating Headline

But before you can close those deals, you'll need to know how to write good ad copy. So now let us focus on developing good classified ad writing skills. First of all, you should develop a wide variety of classified ads. Since an important part of successful advertising is trial and error, you need to run different ads to find the ones that work best. Although this trial and error is necessary, there are some good guidelines to follow when writing classifieds. Here are some of them... Attract your reader with a catchy word or phrase right up front. Study other classifieds. If you see them repeatedly it is because they work. Keep your classifieds brief and to the point, using phrases, not complete sentences. Use simple words, not long ones. Do not confuse the reader. Tell the reader exactly what they are getting. Do not try to sell the product in a classified. Simply try to get interested people to respond. Use energetic punctuation, such as exclamation points instead of periods. 

The 12 most powerful words in the English language

you, money, save, new, easy, love, discovery, results, health, proven, guarantee, free.


Here are some proven attention grabbing words

Obsession, Starter kit, Luxury, Breakthrough, Boom, Rewards, Growth, Show me, Last Minute, How to... Show me... Share.... 

3. Keying your ads One more important factor in classified advertising is the "key". Keying an ad is a simple yet powerful way to determine which ads and publications are working best for you. An easy way to do this with email, is to ask people to enter something in the subject box. When you receive a response to an ad, you will know exactly where the prospective customer saw it. This information will be invaluable to you. This is the type of information that you must focus on to hone your marketing skills. There you have it! The three most important factors in advertising. Reaching your target audience, good ad copy and ad key evaluation. Once you master these three skills you'll be on your way to bigger profits! 

4. Testing The beauty of advertising online is that you can constantly change your ad until it works the best for you. I have run ads that have little or no response, but simply by changing one word or fine tuning the headline slightly, it has completely changed the way people view the product. The best part of this for online businesses is that it costs nothing to put a new bulletin board ad or maybe less than $10 (U.S.) for a Premier ad. So if the ad that is running right now is not pulling in responses, then take a good look at what it is saying. Adjust it a little. Does it clearly state your products benefits? Does it qualify the subject? Good luck and happy advertising!!!

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Guerrilla Insights

Guerrilla Insights Into Direct Response by Jay Conrad Levinson

Direct response marketing is a lot different from indirect response marketing, although guerrillas like it best when the two are teamed up. The first is geared to obtain orders right here and right now. The second is geared to obtain orders eventually. Although a fair amount of standard, indirect marketing often is necessary to set the stage, to make prospects ready to buy, and to separate your company from strangers, it's when you initiate direct marketing that you first taste blood.

As you well know, we are living in the Age of Information, most of it very easy to obtain. But information is hardly enough for a guerrilla. And information is not insight. It is the combination of information and thought that leads to insight and it is insight that is going to make you a stand-out in the direct response arena.

The first insight for you to absorb is that direct response marketing either works immediately or not at all. Unlike standard marketing which changes attitudes slowly and ultimately leads to a sale if you go about things right, guerrilla direct response marketing changes minds and attitudes instantly and leads to a sale instantly if you go about things right.

When it works, you know it. You don't have to sit around and wonder. You do not have to wait months and months for your message to penetrate the mind of your prospect. Your time-dated direct marketing offer either results in a sale right now -- or it doesn't.

To succeed with direct marketing in any medium, remember always:

1. Your offer is omnipotent. The best presentation in the world has a major uphill battle if you make a weak or ordinary offer.

2. The market to whom you direct your message can make or break your campaign. Saying the right thing to the wrong people results in no sale.

3. What you say and how you say it is easily as important as to whom you say it. Talk in terms of your prospects and how your offer benefits them.

4. Carefully planning every cent of your campaign for maximum profits requires as much creativity as your message. Guerrillas excel at this.

5. The more that people have been exposed to your other marketing, the more readily they will accept what you offer with your direct marketing.

Some principles of indirect marketing apply to direct marketing. You must still talk of the prospect, not yourself, and you must make a clear and cogent offer. But from that point on, direct marketing is a whole new ballgame. And its one that you can win with the insights of the guerrilla.

Stupid mistakes in horrid abundance have been made by otherwise bright companies when testing the direct response waters. Fortunately, guerrillas can learn from these blunders, making those waters a bit safer. Listing them would take an endless series of books, but it is worth your time if I make a start by providing insight into ten of the most notable:

* Failure to attract attention at the outset dooms many brilliant campaigns before they have a chance to shine. Envelopes, opening lines, mail subject lines and first impressions are the gates to your offer. Open them wide.

* Not facing the reality of a direct marketing explosion relegates your attempt to the ordinary, which means the ignored. Guerrillas say things to rise above the din, to be noticed and desired in a sea of marketers.

* Focusing your message on yourself instead of your prospect will usually send your effort to oblivion. Prospects care far more about themselves than they care about you. So talk to them about themselves.

* Not knowing precisely who your market is will send you into the wrong direction. Research into pinpointing that market will be some of the most valuable time you devote to your direct marketing campaign.

* Mailing or telephoning to other than honest prospects wastes your time and money. If you make your offer to people who do not really have a need for your offering, they will be an incredibly tough sale.

* Initiating direct response marketing without specific objectives gives you too hazy a target for bull's-eyes. Begin by creating the response method for your prospects so you will know what your message should say.

* Featuring your price before you stress your benefit will be telling people what they do not want to know yet. First, your job is to make them want what you are offering, then you can tell them the price.

* Concentrating on your price before your offer is wasting a powerful selling point. Even if your price is the lowest, people care more about how they will gain from purchasing. Give your low price at the right time.

* Failing to test all that can be tested is a failing of the highest order. Test your price points, opening lines, subject lines, envelope teaser lines, benefits to stress, contact times and mailing lists to know the real winners.

* Setting the wrong price means you have failed in your testing and your research. Guerrillas are sensitive to their market and their competition, testing prices and constantly subjecting them to the litmus test of profits.

As direct response vehicles become more sophisticated and prolific, guerrillas have the insight to zero in on the exact people to contact, so as not to waste time or money on strangers. Successful mailings to strangers net as high as two percent response rates. Successful mailings to customers and qualified prospects net up to ten percent. Precision leads to profits.

Jay Conrad Levinson is the creator of the Guerrilla Marketing series of books - the best selling series of business books in history. He is also responsible for some of the most successful ad campaigns in history, including *the* most successful in history: The Marlboro Man. Jay is responsible for countless small businesses becoming huge household names. Learn how he does this in his latest book: "Guerrilla Marketing for the New Millennium"

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B U I L D I N G    Y O U R    T E A M    O F   A F F I L I A T E S


In this lesson, you will learn how to get started on building your team of affiliates.


 When I was a kid, the boys from our neighborhood would meet at the vacant lot on the corner every Sunday afternoon to play ball. The first thing we would do is to choose two captains for the day and then the captains would choose up sides. The captains would take turns picking players for their team from the group of neighborhood kids who showed up that day.  Often the outcome of the game for that day was predetermined by the choosing of sides, due to an uneven distribution of ages, sizes, and talents.

Getting the right players on your team was very important to the outcome.   Team effort and healthy competition among opposing teams is the most natural of things for human beings. Cut a bunch of kids loose on a Sunday afternoon and that's what they will most likely do - choose up teams and have a competitive game between the opposing teams. The games may be different in different parts of the world, but the activity of picking teams and playing some sort of competitive game is universal.

When you join the OUR TEAM program, you have two ways to advance your business:

1) Build your team of affiliates (customers)

2) Help your builders build their business

While you can do both simultaneously, the question arises as to which of these two tasks should be given priority. The answer for OUR TEAM is to first focus on expanding your team of affiliates. Like the kids at the neighborhood vacant lot, most ventures naturally begin by picking your team. In any venture, picking the right team can be the most important part of obtaining a successful outcome.

Picking your team might not be your first priority if you were solely responsible for training the affiliates you bring into your team. In OUR TEAM, the training is allocated to the Team Leaders and Group Leaders, who already have the experience and proven track record. Were that not the case, it would be necessary for you to gain experience in Internet marketing of the products before bringing in new affiliates who would depend on you for training. After all, no one makes any commissions until products are sold. But since experienced Team Leaders and Group Leaders are available to train your new affiliates, you can follow the natural order of things and focus first on building a great team of affiliates.


In many ventures, whether those ventures involve sports or business, picking one bad apple on your team can often cause problems and interfere with the overall success of the team. (The scrawniest kid with the thickest glasses was always the last one to be picked in our neighborhood ballgames.) The careful design of the OUR TEAM program, however, substantially eliminates this risk.   While you definitely want good, motivated affiliates on your team, you do not have to worry about excluding the bad ones in the process of finding the good ones. This said, however, you want to make an effort to find and recruit good team players.


When you are first getting started, you will want to hand pick several good affiliates to start up your team. This activity comes naturally and does not require a lot of technical training.   Even if you know very little about Internet Marketing, you can begin to succeed immediately by finding and recruiting good quality affiliates. The remainder of this lesson will outline the simple steps for you to follow in order to accomplish this task.


You should always focus on the perspective of your potential recruits. Put yourself in their shoes. Think like they will be thinking.

First, you should spend some time thinking about what qualities you want in your affiliates.  What are the characteristics of the new affiliates that you would want on your team? You probably want people who enjoy a good challenge and are willing to become involved in new things and learn new ways to increase their income. You should want people who are capable of critical thinking, but also capable of taking practical, effective action.

You also want to find some people who already know a good deal about Internet marketing. People who already have a good website which draws substantial traffic would be great to have on your team. Ask yourself, "What would these people search for on the search engines when looking for new and better ways to make money on the Internet?" Come up with a list of words and phrases with which they would likely search.

I cannot offer you any example search words or phrases.  In order for this to work, you have to come up with your own search terms.   If I, or anyone writing about Internet promotion to a large audience, were to give a specific list of words with which you should search, several thousand people would wind up at the same websites and those poor webmasters would be inundated with queries. Originality is what makes this work. You have to be original and come up with your own search terms for this to work for any of you. This is your chance to use your own imagination and creativity to rise above the crowd by finding those choice spots to advertise. You do this by carefully thinking out the search terms your targeted recruits would likely use.

When you have come up with your list of search terms, go to the popular search engines (yahoo, AltaVista, WebCrawler, goggle, etc.) and perform a search with the terms on your list. The sites that show up on the first three pages of your search engine results would likely be the sites also discovered by the people you want to be on your team. If these are personal sites, rather than large corporate venture capital type sites, the webmasters of these sites themselves would be a great addition to your team!   Thus, you want to inquire both about advertising on the site and recruiting the webmaster as well.


Any time you start to contact someone over the Internet regarding a commercial matter, be very careful not to spam. Thus, you must be careful how you contact the webmasters of the sites that turned up in your search. If a site in which you have become interested allows free postings such as classifieds or announcements, you have hit pay dirt - but read the rules for posting on the site very carefully before posting - and follow the rules! The next thing you would look for is contact information for the webmaster. If there is a phone number listed, you have also hit pay dirt. You can call the webmaster on the telephone without any worries of a spam complaint. In your phone conversation with the webmaster, explain that they have a website which you believe could  help you recruit a team of affiliates.

If you have an advertising budget, tell them that you would like to purchase some advertising on their site. (If you can not afford any advertising, do not say that because you do not want to be misleading.) Explain further, however, that they can doubly profit from this if they will also join . Explain that they can join as an affiliate and all of the recruits you obtain from advertising on their website will also fall under them. Thus, they will profit twice from selling you some advertising.

If the website on which you arrange to advertise this way is productive, the webmaster will see all of the affiliates coming

into the down line and will soon get the idea. The Webmaster will likely start promoting on the site with his or her own affiliate number. Then you will not have to pay for advertising on that site anymore and yet it is still building your team.

If you cannot afford any paid advertising, you will have a somewhat more difficult task. Webmasters get very interested in speaking with someone who is offering to pay them for advertising on their website. Most people who have worked to build a good website and build good traffic to it have planned on making their money through paid advertising. On the other hand, they will not be terribly receptive to using space on their sites for an affiliate program with which they are not familiar. Nevertheless, a polite phone call in which you give them your affiliate program URL ( ) or ( ) and  a brief mention that there are presently over 700,000 affiliates, many of which are earning over $30,000 per month with this program, may well get their attention.

If there is not a phone number for the webmaster on the website, but only an email address, you will have to be careful that your email does not give the appearance of being spam. Remember that even if your message is technically not spam, a recipient who erroneously believes that it is spam may well report you anyway and cause big problems for you. All webmasters who list their email address on their website get a lot of spam (and thus are quite annoyed by it). The reason that happens is that the people who harvest email addresses for the spammers get those email addresses with software which searches WebPages and grabs any email addresses listed.

Thus, anyone who has had a web page with their email address on it up for any length of time is already on these lists and is being bombarded with spam. Most of those spam messages begin with "I was looking at your website . . ." In almost every case, it becomes immediately apparent that the spammer has never seen your web page. They are clearly lying and that makes you mad right from the start. Thus, whenever you send email to a webmaster, you must make it clear from the beginning of the message that you have truly just visited their website and are responding to the email contact link you found there. You must make it clear that this is a single message (not bulk) sent only to that webmaster.

Something very important to realize is that you cannot make these things clear simply by asserting them in the email. Spam emails that webmasters get daily boldly (albeit falsely) assert that they are not spam. Thus, you have to PROVE that you were just looking at the webmaster's website by mentioning very specific things about their website right up front or you will not only lose their attention, but they will likely report you for spam.

Because you are responding to a "contact us" link on their website with a single, non-bulk email, you are not technically spamming them. By placing that link on their web site, they have given you permission to send them a one-time personal, non-bulk email pertaining to their website. And, if they recognize your email as being honest and sincere and recognize that you have indeed spent some time at their website, they will welcome your correspondence. It is important that the subject heading and the first sentence of your email reference something that could only be known from having seen the website. Mentioning the domain name itself is not convincing because the spammers know that as well, but it does help to mention it.

Mention of the color scheme, the graphics, and some of the advertisers or information on the site will be convincing - if you are very accurate. The more you talk about the website with specific and accurate information, the more the webmaster will be intrigued by your email. You need to be complimentary and not critical of the site, of course. People love compliments. Your email should not sound like an ad, but should sound like personal correspondence from someone who became excited from visiting their website. In your first email, do not mention the affiliate program by name, but rather make a general inquiry about advertising on their site for your business. (If you cannot afford paid advertising, just make a general inquiry as to whether they would be interested in an affiliate program that would work well on their site.)

After they respond with interest, it is appropriate for you to reveal the nature of your business. As discussed for the phone call above, explain that the webmaster can doubly profit from selling you advertising by also becoming an affiliate - and that there is no charge or obligation for becoming an  affiliate.


With the process outlined in this lesson, anyone, regardless of their technical knowledge of Internet marketing, can begin immediately to build a successful team of affiliates. By following the steps which have been outlined here, you can find appropriate websites and, through free or paid advertising, place the banners or textual ads which can provided you for this purpose on these sites. If you have a bit of luck, you will find a few webmasters who will also join as  affiliates. Just like playing ball on the corner lot, I think you will find building your  team to come naturally and to be a lot of fun!


Your Key To Online Business Success!

Download and Read: 


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Ad Examples


You could be involved with a debt free global company........... 

Do you have some Internet knowledge? Do you have a sincere desire to succeed and the desire to help others succeed? If this sounds like you and you can follow instructions, then we want you on OUR TEAM.

Change your life more then you could ever imagine!  

We made over $500,000.00 last year alone. We have developed a system that works for duplicating our success consistently off the web and now we're bring this to the Internet. 

     Imagine being involve with a debt free global company....

 that's growing faster then Wal-Mart did their first fifteen years in business.  Imagine being able to train the people that join your business from other counties to duplicate your efforts, because our private site has free tools that are available to you.  We are looking for people like you that have Internet knowledge, can follow instructions and who have a sincere desire to succeed and the desire to help others succeed.  If this sounds like you and you can follow instructions from people that are successful with this business, then we want you on OUR TEAM.

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Advertising Free

Please set up a new email account at, or other free email before using these links. Always register using your new email and use your regular email address for the response.  You will be flooded with emails from people trying to sell you something, (if you do not).  When you get flooded with proposals from others, you will have your vacation message turned on and that will send them a message like the sample web site above automatically, (free advertising).  Please email me for more information on how to do a vacation message and signature message.


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Free Ezines

Hint: For non-listserver email addresses, try using a subject line of "subscribe" or "subscribe ezine" You will need to subscribe to each ezine in order to place your ads). These are the "subscribe" addresses. How and where you actually place your ads will vary from one ezine to another. So, please pay attention to the instructions given... if you don't, this can become a rat's nest real quickly... I know :

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Paid Advertising


2 bucks per ad ezines

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Free Links Pages




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Other Tools



  1. Download a free report and learn how your Melaleuca business can save you $ 4,000.00 or more per year in taxes!  Taking the course will save you thousands more!

  2. * Top Five Tax Deductions for Network Marketers
    * Four Tax Myths That May Be Costing You Thousands Each Year

  3. Do you want to improve your web sites popularity with the search engines?

  4. Members only access to over $2000 worth of free software and training.  (You will need access permission for this area).  Send me an e-mail to get added

  5. Information about Dr. John Folts and ProVexCV tm

  6. Claim money or property you never knew you had, for free!

  7. Get Your Credit Report Online for FREE in Only 30 Seconds!

  8. Look for Grant money here

  9. College scholarships

  10. Free Download Reports and Resources

  11. Free Internet

  12. Net2Phone 1¢ a minute calls to anywhere within the U.S. from anywhere within the U.S. and International calls are as low as 3.9¢ a minute.  Melacom does not offer pc to phone.

  13. Free fax numbers

  14. Free internet answer machine Hear who's calling while you're online!
    Avoid the cost of an extra phone line.

  15. Free computer/internet training

  16. Free information on just about everything (Free Money Making Reports, Guides, Sources and Ideas, Opportunity Reviews, How-To Marketing Reports, Trends & Forecast, Electronic Commerce, Small Office/Home Office, Grants & Loan Sources, Government Giveaways, Legal & Corporate Forms, Network Marketing Reports, Direct Marketing Reports, Mail Order Business, Plus Many More... These Reports Have It All! )

  17. Media press blaster free trial

  18. Classify 98 free trial

  19. Are you spending a lot of time entering classified ads? AdWizard can make your life easier! AdWizard holds a list of all your favorite classified sites like a bookmark program. In addition, it keeps track of when you last entered your ad there, and based on an adjustable number of days it will let you know it's time to re-enter it again! Even better, AdWizard will do all the typing for you! Just put the cursor in the first text box and click the Type button to watch AdWizard fill the form out for you!

Simple one, two, three method to enter classifieds!
AdWizard will do all the typing for you!
Works great with any IE or Netscape!
AdWizard is completely free forever! No hidden costs!
AdWizard comes with hundreds of links to classifieds sites!

AdWizard is small and (almost) self installing
Download AdWizard V1.0 Now!

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How to use this site

This web site was designed for building your business using the power of the internet.  You are now able to make presentations to people all over the world at your convenience and then train those new builders to do the same.  Everyone that is interested in building this business rapidly, should be connecting with their enroller or someone in their up-line and  letting them guide you.  This is the most effective and insures that you will receive the proper training.  The tried and true method of building, is the one taught by Brian Chandler, who is currently an Executive Director VII.  According to the July 2002 issue of Leadership in Action magazine, Brian made $13,675.17, just from the June monthly bonus pool.  We will make all of Brian's tools available to you, since you will be in Brian's organization, either by group training, one on one training, email or the internet.  It is your responsibly to contact us and tell us what your goals and desires are, so we may set up a business plan that will work for you.

To get started building using the internet 

  1. View Network Training for a better understanding of the total concept.  Read B U I L D I N G    Y O U R    T E A M    O F   A F F I L I A T E S for a understanding of the OUR TEAM concept of team building.
  2. If  you need training on how to use your computer to run programs that you are not familiar with then go to Free computer/internet training to brush up on most topics.  The alternative is to e-mail me and give me a description of the problem.
  3. Create ads on a word processor to submit to all the free resources on this site as well as any new ones that you discover.  Name each ad that is created, so you will be able to see which ad is working and were you placed it.  Read the following articles before creating your ads.  Creating An Ad That Works and  Guerrilla Insights will give you the information you need to get started in the right direction.  Ad Examples are sample ads to look at!
  4. Create new e-mail accounts to be used for replying to ads that you have placed.  Two good ones are Lycos mail and onebox, because they allow you to use a vacation message and auto reply, plus onebox offers fax.  Please e-mail me for help to set these features up on your specific e-mail service
  5. When you place your email address for people to reply to your ad, enter it as show in the example.  Normally you would type in, but to track were the ad was placed and which ad you used, you would change it to look like this example.                                                                       

Example: and ad1 in this example the ?subject= after your email address will tell were the ad was placed (adtrack) and what ad was used (ad1).  This is a great way to learn about your ad and also the best places to place your ad.  Once you have an ad that is giving you the response you are after, you could consider paying to place the ad in a paper or other source, please remember that paying for an ad does not mean that you will get better results.  Please use the the down load to members for software and additional training.

  1. When you are asked for an e-mail address after clicking a link above to place an ad, be sure to use your other e-mail address.  Make sure that you have your vacation message  turned on and have placed your ad or other ad in the create vacation message area.  This will send out your ad automatically to anyone that sends you an e-mail at this address.  You can use Download AdWizard V1.0 Now! and Classify 98 to automate submitting ads.  The more time you spend sending ads out, will pay off big with more contacts for your business.  Make sure that you save all contact names and information to a file for future contact.
  2. How to reply to the interested people?  The easiest way is to send them to the OUR TEAM site and click on
    or look at the schedule here for phone Presentations and set one up.

    or you can take a look at the schedules here

    to see if we have a dinner presentation coming up in their area and set them up for it. 

    or  (contact me or your up-line for information on doing the dinner presentation) and find a presentation time and date that will work for you and your contact.  When you reply to your contact, ask them to select a time that they have free within your schedule and let them know that you will call them at that time.  Be sure to get a phone number from them.  (HINT:  ask if they have a significant other and an extension phone, so the partner can listen in too!  Never give a presentation to just half of the team.  You will waste your time and that of your contact, because the first thing they will say after the presentation is that they need to talk it over with the partner.  You have just lost a customer for life.)  Read how to place a conference call in your phone book.  Place a conference call to your contact and to the presentation.  You will be able to answer any questions that come up during the presentation this way.  (Do not tell them to call the phone number of the presentation and listen to it and get back to you.  You will lose your customer this way also.)  When the presentation is over ask, "Do you have any more questions" (wait for an answer), then ask, "Do you see yourselves building a business or just being a customer with our company?"  (wait for an answer)  should they say "building a business", then sign them up or if they say "being a customer", then sign them up.  To sign up a new customer have a new customer agreement and Marketing Executive agreement on hand.  Ask for the information, to fill in the forms.  To save time ask only for the information that is not duplicated on the other form.  You can fill that in after the phone call.  Ask if they have a fax number, so you can fax them forms to get signed.  If you have a scanner, you can scan the filled out forms to them and get their signatures and have them fax or re-scan and e-mail them back to you.  Make a permanent copy of any faxes for your file.  After you complete the forms, recommend a basic 35 bp order for them ( if the are just going to be a customer ).  If they plan on building a business  recommend the value pack or career pack to them.  Tell them that you will call them back in five working days and that you have an assignment for them to do as soon as their order arrives.   You want them to read the business kit, make a list of contacts and write down at least five questions for you.  Call them back at the appropriate time and answer their questions and find out if the contact list is on paper (serious builders have it written down and always add to it).  The other option is to send them to and fill out or down load forms there.  You may now give them the password to this site and let them know how you will help them build their business on or off the internet.  Should you need help at this point for builders, both on and off the internet, just contact me or other member of your up-line.
  3. Need tools to work off the internet?  Email me and I will send them to you.  I plan on having an other password protected page with these tools available to OUR TEAM members only. 

    Melaleuca's Seven Critical Business-Building Activities

    Activity 1: Keep Building Your Contact List
    Your contact list is a resource that should never run
    dry. Don't leave home without it and continue to add names.

    Activity 2: Set Appointments
    If you don't have appointments on your calendar,
    you're out of business! Set appointments consistently.

    Activity 3: Make Presentations
    The most productive and rewarding activity you can do is
    present the Melaleuca opportunity and generate enrollments.

    Activity 4: Hold 48-Hour Follow-Up Meetings
    Help new business builders get started right: Teach the business
     basics and set goals on course for Pacesetter bonuses.

    Activity 5: Celebrate Successes
    Recognize and celebrate every achievement in your
    organization and make the journey enjoyable.

    Activity 6: Always Be Involved with Fast Track
    Keep plugged into success! As you join
    with others to create successful teams,
    you'll discover greater synergy and faster growth.

    Activity 7: Attend All Melaleuca Meetings
    Each meeting is a chance to refocus, prioritize and
    lend support to others in your area. Be there!

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eBay Marketing

by (February 2001)

The Latest eBay Marketing Course Receiving over 1.5 billion page views per month, eBay is the ULTIMATE venue for selling virtually any goods and making huge profits with almost no effort. eBbay Marketing  provides easy to understand and detailed instructions for maximizing your profits with selling strategies that are PROVEN WINNERS.

This information will make you 1000's on eBay. Although this book was based on eBay auctions, the overall information will work for ALL online auctions. The Author is going to pass on the SECRET SELLING TECHNIQUES that he uses each and every day to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars selling his products on internet auctions.


Complete Publishing Package with re-sale rights.  Here is a sample of what it contains.


Where to buy wholesale

Ebay secrets

Resale riches

1 Winning Attitude B1.TXT
2 Managing Time B2.TXT
3 Business Plan B3.TXT
4 Sales Excellence B4.TXT
5 Selling Information B5.TXT
6 Self-Publishing B6.TXT
7 Free Publicity B7.TXT
8 Write AdvertisementsB8.TXT
9 How To Write Copy B9.TXT
10 Classified Ad Copy B10.TXT
11 185 Power Words B11.TXT
12 Marketing Ezines B12.TXT
13 Site Promotion Tips B13.TXT
14 Search Engine ReportB14.TXT
15 Copyright Problems B15.TXT
16 Business Success B16.TXT
17 Scientific Adv B17.TXT
18 Give Away This Book B18.TXT


02.Antenuptual Agreement
03.Female Living Will
04.Life Insurance Policy As Collateral Assignment
05.Cardholder's Billing Error Inquiry
06.Irrevocable Trust Declaration
07.Cardholder's Stolen Credit Card Report
08.Savings Accounts Assignment
09.Stock Broker Contract
11.Male Living Will
12.Motor Vehicle Sale
13.Power Of Attorney-medical Authorization
14.Power Of Attorney - General
15.Last Will And Testament
16.Contingent Fee Retainer
17.Power Of Attorney - Special
18.Revocation Of Power Of Attorney Notice
19.Cardholder's Lost Credit Card Report
20.Entire Interest In Estate Assignment
21.Life Insurance Trust Declaration
22.General Release
23.Revocation Of Trust
24.Revocable Trust Declaration
25.Gifts Under Uniform Gifts To Minors Act
26.Revocation Of Election Under Internal Revenue Code Section
27.Minutes Of The Annual Meeting Of Share Holders
28.Articles Of Incorporation
29.First Meeting Of The Shareholder's Waiver Of Notice
30.1st Meeting Of The Board Of Directors Ratification Of Minutes
31.Reservation Of Corporate Name Application
32.Shareholder's Consent To Initial Elections Corporation
33.Waiver Of Notice Of The Annual Meeting Of The Shareholders
34.The First Meeting Of Shareholders Minutes
35.Transfer Of Reserved Name Notice
36.Offer To Exchange Realty For Shares Resolution - Acceptance
37.Stock Certificate Assignment
38.The First Meeting Of Shareholders Ratification Of Minutes
39.By Laws
40.The Annual Meeting Of Shareholders Ratification Of Minutes
41.Issuance Of Shares In Exchange For Realty Resolution - Authorization
42.The First Meeting Of The Board Of Directors Minutes
43.The First Meeting Of The Board Of Directors Waiver Of Notice
44.The Annual Meeting Of The Board Of Directors Ratification Of Minutes
45.Shareholders Agreement
46.The Annual Meeting Of The Board Of Directors Minutes
47.Stock Redemption Agreement
48.Notice Of The Annual Meeting Of Board Of Directors Waiver
49.The Annual Meeting Of The Board Of Directors Ratification Of Minutes
51.Subscription Agreement
52.Stock Purchase Agreement
53.Buy-sell Agreement
54.Boat Rental Agreement
55.Employment Agreement
56.Real Estate Salesman Independent Contractor Agreement
58.Storage Space Lease
59.Employed Automobile Expense Allowance Memorandum
60.Accountant Agreement
61.Collection Demand Letter
62.Parking Space Lease
63.Automobile Rental Agreement
64.Business Consultant Agreement
65.Bill Of Sale
66.Contract Employing Real Estate Broker For Lease Of Property
67.Sale And Purchase Contract
68.Assignments Of Rents By Lessor With Repurchase Agreement
69.Extension Of Lease Agreement
70.Mutual Recision Of Contract
71.Non-refundable Deposit Receipt
72.Purchase And Sale Contract
74.Single Family House Management
75.Modificatioin Agreement
76.Installment Note
77.Mortgage Assignment
78.Contract For Sale And Purchase Of Property Memorandum
80.Agreement Of Mortgage Assumption
82.Contract Assignment For Purchase Of Real Estate
83.Agreement Between Owner And Contractor
85.Quit-claim Deed
86.Agreement Of Mortgage Assumption
87.Agreement Of Property Management
88.Agreement For Permission To Sublet
89.Contract Employing Real Estate Broker For Sale Of Property
90.Furnished House Lease Agreement
91.Option Agreement For Purchase Of Real Property
92.Lease Agreement
93.Construction Contract
94.Special Warranty Deed
95.Option To Purchase Real Estate Assignment
96.Rental Application
97.Assignment Of Lease By Lessee With Consent Of Lessor
98.Joint Venture Agreement
99.Rent Receipt
10.Consent Of Lessor
12.Overdue Rent Notice
13.Assignment Of Real Estate Purchase And Sale Agreement
14.Balloon Mortgage Note
15.Promissory Note
16.Collection Demand Letter

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