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make money, residual income forever, this is always a ground floor opportunity. Save money with a home based health business that works on or off internet. We offer teamwork, help, global health business, and income.

What if we could show you something that is not multi-level-marketing and makes absolute total sense?  You would want to take the time to look at it?

This works for one very simple reason...

In this program, there are no salesmen, there are no distributors... everybody is equal, and there is absolutely no risk . This significantly increases your formula for success because 99% of the population hates selling!

The essence of this program is simple:

1. Switch Stores - Save money and enjoy higher quality consumable products that you are already buying and consuming daily, weekly, or monthly and that have to be replaced!

2. Tell Others - Simply refer other customers to the company, like an affiliate program, and the company handles all the work for you!  The company will take care of all the ordering, shipping, inventory, billing, collecting, and customer service.  Then the company sends your residual profit check each and every month!

3. Make Residual Money - Learn how you can transform your monthly disposable income into a money making investment. Discover how you can start getting paid $10,000 or more in residual income by sharing in the company's revenue! It is proven, it is documented, it is guaranteed.  Best of all, our growing team of highly successful marketers, will show you how to do it FREE!

4.  Enjoy a higher quality life - Learn how our patented products will improve your families health and life style.  Now you will be able to spend more quality time with your family and take vacations together.  You are your own boss and now you will set the hours that you do your business!

5.  Not interested in a home business?  A lot of our customers prefer not to have the home business, but join just because the products are safer, cost less and of a higher quality then they can buy at any local store.


The company backing this program has a rock solid, proven track record of success: The company is 20 years old, debt free, half a billion dollar Inc. 500 company, with Fortune 500 management. Their products are top quality, higher quality, safer then the products you are buying now, and they want to pay you for your referrals... it is that simple!

This company has:

  • Over 250 consumable products:  Consumable products, like cosmetics, soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, household cleaning supplies, pharmaceuticals, health care products, etc., plus telecom, Internet service, credit cards, and travel too! Again, it is everything you are already using right now. If it is consumable, and you use it, they have got it!  How about Nicole Miller, Skincare & Cosmetics wholesale!


  • Environmentally Sensitive, Exclusive, Exceptional, Cost-Effective, and Safe products:  Take a look at the products that you are using now by reading the labels.  Can you imagine what would happen if a child took a drink of one of the products that you have stored in the bathroom or under the kitchen sink?  What about the other products that are placed through out the house?  Take the Environmental Protection Agency tour of the typical house and then learn how to  read product labels.  The life you save maybe your families.  You will improve your families health by eliminating these dangerous products from your home.



We Have...

  • A simple way to  reduce or eliminate those hazardous products in your home so you improve your health.

  • A re-order rate of 96%:   This means over 96% of all customers who ordered last month, will order again this month... guaranteed!  The products are that good!

  • A retention rate of over 96% on sponsored members:  This means nearly everyone who joins this program, stays in this program... forever!

  • Items 30% - 40% below retail prices:  Including taxes and shipping!

  • All items shipped directly to your door:  No need for wasting precious time or gas to go to your local store. Order products straight from the company, like direct catalog sales, and save time, money, and gas... no hassles, no fuss, no muss!

  • 32 different ways you can be compensated:  The money you make is residual income, just like a royalty. When you refer others, the income you make comes in month after month, year after year... EVEN DECADES after you have stopped referring customers!

Best of all, this is a true wholesale, factory direct company. Every product in this company comes with a 120 day, risk free, no questions asked, money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, for any reason, send back any of your used or unused products... even if you have completely used the product up, for full credit or a 100% refund. You must be satisfied!

Our Company earned the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Blue Chip Enterprise award. Only 200 small businesses were chosen to receive this prestigious award as part of the Blue Chip Enterprise Initiative Program.

BBBOnLine Reliability Seal  Company is a member of Better Business Bureau.

December 2004 special issue of Inc. Magazine’s “The Inc. 500,” which lists America’s fastest growing private companies. Our Company was featured in a special pull-out section called “How I Did It,” where six Inc. 500 Hall of Famers tell their story.  We were inducted into the Inc. 500 Hall of Fame in 1994 and is one of only 73 companies (the only direct sales company in history) to be inducted into the Inc. 500 Hall of Fame.  Only companies that have been listed in the Inc. 500 for five years share this honor.

"Everybody Can Do This!"

Simply Switch Stores, Save Money, Enjoy Products, Refer Others, Get Paid!

Do this program part-time, full-time, offline, online, in your spare time, along with your current job or website, and do it from home, at your own pace. You NEVER have to bother your neighbors, family or friends EVER! (You don't even have to mention it to them, unless you want to).

All  TOP Name Marketers Are Doing It:

Our program is the best program of its kind on the entire web. Everyone gets so excited about this program, that they are literally pushing and shoving to get involved.

Join Now And Get Instant Access To Our Members Only Private Website FREE!

Our program can easily be done at home, with your computer, using the power of the Internet or use our proven system for building off the Internet. Our Team will literally train you and show you how to promote this program the right way!

All new members who enroll into the program right now receive: 


  • FREE  Private members' site with streaming media presentations and training (24/7).  It is filled to the brim with pre-written ads, top web promotion resources on the Internet, Internet marketing tips and short cuts, and more!  Free e-books, software and special reports that you have seen advertised on television, mail order and catalogs, complete with resale rights.


  • FREE  Online promotion and  software - patented, automated, cutting edge 21st century software, developed specifically for our program, and for your personal use! ( classifieds, long distance phone calls, translation service, conference calls with the top names in the company doing presentations and training for you.)


Hold on, there is more! 

If you enroll before  Click Here

You will also qualify for these additional tools!


  • FREE  Self replicating Websites! You do not have your own website? Do not worry about it, use OUR TEAM'S site already created for you to use.
  • FREE  TOP leaders, with proven track records and the incomes to match, personally helping and guiding you each step of the way... FREE
  • FREE  Tools for expanding globally!

"We Are Here To Help"

"We do not succeed unless you do!


Stop setting yourself up for continuous failure! Quit wasting time on programs that tell you "good luck", and then leave you  alone to figure it out by yourself. Stop shelling out hundreds to thousands of dollars on program after program that over promise and under-deliver.

Why re-invent the wheel when you can copy genius? Join now and follow our guaranteed blue print for success we have already laid out for you. We have all the manpower and resources already in place. Allow us to help you and give you our resources FREE, so you will start earning more money, achieving your goals and dreams... so you will succeed!

"Joining Our Program Is Easy and Fun!"

The Bottom Line:

Consumable products are items you use every day and have to purchase every month... right? Think about it. The money spent on consumable products literally add up to thousands and thousands of dollars that, until now, you were forced to spend and could never get back... and by NOT joining now, it is money you are continuing to throw away!

Allow Our Team to show you how you can turn all this money you are spending on consumable products every year into an investment. Learn how to save money; then make even more money than what you are spending. Quite frankly, it would be crazy NOT to want to recover your monthly amount spent on consumable products, and start getting paid for using higher quality safer products. Products you are going to have to buy and use anyway.  Products that will improve your families health.



Go Global:

Join now and get ready to discover how you can turn your monthly disposable income into a HUGE GLOBAL money-making machine!  This money making machine currently has the potential to multiply your earning potential by over six times what it would be if you elected not to build globally.  


We will show you a guaranteed, proven money making program that is:


  • NOT home parties!
  • NOT door-to-door sales!
  • NOT multi-level marketing!
  • NOT an illegal pyramid!
  • NOT a ground floor opportunity!
  • NOT a get rich quick scheme!
  • NO repeat sales presentations!
  • NO large investment!
  • NO sales of any kind!
  • NO delivering or handling products, ever!
  • NO complicated paperwork!
  • NO breakaways or territories!
  • Your satisfaction guaranteed!
  • A possibility to get a check without referring anybody!
  • FREE help, resources, and training for your success!
  • You will receive residual income that can be passed down to your family! 
  • There is absolutely NO-RISK of any kind to you ever!

This is worth your time to investigate!

When you join, you can earn an extra $10,000-$21,000 or more (in your spare time), from the comfort of your home in the next 12 months, and a greater amount, the following years...In fact you have unlimited earning potential.



For more FREE information, just follow these Two simple steps below:

Step 1: Click Here To Email A Request For MORE FREE Information.
(We respect your privacy, and will not sell, rent, or give your name out to any third party.)

Step 2: Once you have requested the information above in step one, wait for us to contact YOU! We know you may have some questions, and we encourage you to ask questions. We will contact you as soon as possible (on our dime), to answer your questions, give you all the information you need to make an informed, educated decision, and simply see if you are open to even more information... there is NEVER any pressure from Our Team, ever!

(Side Note: At this time, the company regrets that this program is currently only open to the United States , including all APO's, Guam, Puerto Rico and all US territories ] Canada, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The plan is to open  more countries as soon as possible. So feel free to request more information now and reserve your spot today.)

The leaders of Our Team are looking forward to personally talking with you about Our Team and program real soon...

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With best regards,

K. Brohaugh
Business Builder

P.S. Remember, the key to this program is that the money you earn is going to be true residual income. In other words, do the work once, and receive that money for a lifetime. Plus all products in this program come with a 120 day, rock solid, no questions asked, money back guarantee. There's absolutely nothing to risk or lose, and you must be completely satisfied!  That is four months guaranteed risk free!

The Our Team advantage is learning how to promote this exciting proven program properly, on the web or off the web, and is completely FREE! When you join, you will start receiving personal help, training, top resources, as well as top strategies from Our Team FREE.  You will start adding to your monthly income, reaching your personal goals and dreams, and living a better, healthier, safer, higher quality of life, immediately... but only if you:

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If you still are not sure if starting your own business is for you, please click on this link  for a free online business course. "Deciding On A Business"



I enjoy this company so much!

There are no additional monthly expenses - safe products and environmentally friendly too. Products that I use up and need to be replaced - no sales - no inventory - works both online and offline - no pressure - 100% money back guarantee. I go shopping from home each month and get paid for it!


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