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Tutorials and Training from IBM
Start here for tutorials, courses, roadmaps, or certification from IBM.
Browse through the library of over 300 free tutorials. Sort the list by date to find our latest additions. If you are looking for something specific, you can also sort by topic, technology, title, or author. Or, find a tutorial by clicking on some recommended topics below:
Grid computing tutorials: Development tools, Linux, e-business on demand, General programming
Java technology tutorials: General programming, EJB technology, J2EE, JDBC, Patterns
Linux tutorials: Introduction to Linux, Configuration and administration, Performance, Development tools, Security
Web architecture tutorials: PHP, Performance, Content management, User interface
Wireless technology tutorials: General programming, Portlets, GPS, Voice, Palm OS, J2ME
Web services tutorials: WSTK, Performance, Data management, EJB technology, WSDL, SOAP, UDDI
XML tutorials: Introduction to XML, Applications, XSL-FO, XSLT, Schema, Java technology, XPath
DB2 tutorials
e-server tutorials
Lotus tutorials
Rational software tutorials
WebSphere tutorials
View all IBM training and certification offerings.
IT Education Services offers free and fee courses (including self-paced virtual classes), certifications, and new customized and packaged Blended Learning Solutions.
Navigate through information resources in a recommended sequence with training paths.
Register for free developer Webcasts
Browse through technical seminars and workshops offered by the IBM Solution Partnership Centers.
Explore the education and certification opportunities for business partners IBM PartnerWorld for Developers has to offer.
Attend The Technical and Business Partner Briefings to learn how IBM is leading the way with open standards technology.
Certification validates your skills and demonstrates your proficiency.
IBM professional certification programs allow you to select your role and take tests at your own pace.
The Rational software certification program helps Rational Business Alliance Program Members demonstrate their skills.
The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) provides professional certification for the Linux community.
IBM's Certification Exam (ICE) tool contains sample tests that help you prepare for actual exams leading towards IBM certification.
The IBM faculty and student portals contain information and resources specific to the academic community.
Faculty portal - collaborate on research projects, find IBM software or curricula, and search for upcoming contests and events.
Student portal - look for jobs, keep up with research and IBM products, and search for upcoming contests and events.

Computer Technical Tutorials & More
A premier directory for computer technology and related tutorials, subjects, and websites providing dynamic user ratings and hit counts to all links. All link submissions are free.

Applications Basic/General Databases Hardware
Internet Issues IT Management Networking Operating Systems
Programming Servers Webmaster

1PlanHost.Com Helm Control Panel Tutorials

present a visual Flash movie

Creating a POP account Watch movie
Creating an email autoresponder Watch movie
Creating a default (catchall) email account Watch movie
Creating an email forwarder (redirect) Watch movie
Adding a domain Watch movie
Creating a subdomain Watch movie
Creating a domain alias (pointer) Watch movie
Creating custom error pages Watch movie
Creating an email account in Outlook Express Watch movie
Using File Manager Watch movie
Managing your billing Watch movie
Creating a database ODBC DSN Watch movie
Adding extra features to your account Watch movie
Creating an MRA (Multi-Recipient Account) Watch movie
Installing FrontPage Extensions Watch movie

TIEMdesign Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials
Illustrator Tutorials
PSP Tutorials
CorelDraw Tutorials
PhotoPaint Tutorials
Flash Tutorials
Painter Tutorials
Web Design Tutorials
3D Tutorials
After Effects Tutorials
Dreamweaver Tutorials
Fireworks Tutorials

BayCon Group provides tutorials

Microsoft Word Basics
This tutorial covers all of the features you need to get started using Microsoft Word such as text entry, formatting, spell check, bulleting, numbering, and much more. Although knowledge of how to navigate in a Windows environment is helpful, this tutorial was created for the computer beginner. Click here to start.
Microsoft Excel Basics
This tutorial covers all of the features you need to get started using Microsoft Excel such as entering data, formatting, cell alignment, fonts, mathematical calculations, functions, and much more. Although knowledge of how to navigate in a Windows environment is helpful, this tutorial was created for the computer beginner. Click here to start.
Windows 98 Tutorial
This tutorial provides an introduction to Windows 98 using a question and answer format. Intended for the end user, it covers computer start-up and shutdown, printers and printing, desktop shortcuts, wallpaper, fonts, and much more. Click here to start.
Scalable SQL -- A Tutorial
This tutorial was originally written for users of Solomon IV version 2.0x accounting software; however, anyone interested in becoming proficient in Scalable SQL will find it useful. It covers Scalable SQL basics. Click here to start. 
RealSlideshow for RealPlayer
Creating your own online video is easy. This tutorial takes you step-by-step through the process. You’ll use RealSlideshow (it’s free) to create audio and video, which your audience will view using RealPlayer (it’s also free). Click here to start.
Beginner’s Guide to Paint Shop Pro
This tutorial is on Paint Shop Pro -- a graphics software package. Created for the Paint Shop Pro novice, this tutorial starts at the beginning and takes you step-by-step through each topic. Creating an image, color basics, and using the tool palette are covered. Prerequisite: Expert knowledge of how to work and navigate in a Windows environment. Click here to start.
Intermediate Guide to Paint Shop Pro
This tutorial is on Paint Shop Pro -- a graphics software package. It picks up where our Beginners Guide to Paint Shop Pro leaves off. Layers, preset shapes, text, deformation, and masks are all covered in this tutorial. Click here to start.
Flash 5
This tutorial is on Macromedia Flash 5. Flash 5 is used to create Web graphics and animation. This tutorial covers creating graphics, working with layers, and adding motion, sound, and text to a Flash 5 movie. Click here to start. Tutorials and Courses



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New additions

Learn Windows XP Free - Software - Free online tutorials for learning Windows XP. (February, 2003)

Microsoft Word XP (Word 2002) Tutorials - Software - Free online courses for Microsoft Word 2002. (January, 2003)

Introduction to XHTML - Web Design - Introduction to the features and differences with eXtensible HTML - a new way to design your web pages. (January, 2003)

A+ Hardware Service Technician - Certification - A free online set of courses for the CompTIA A+ Hardware Service Technician exam. (January, 2003)

Can I Deduct my Home Office?

QuickBooks Accounting Software

Choosing Your Business Entity

Preparing a Business Plan

Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace

Help Desk Tutorials

How to Fire an Employee

How to Write a Resume

Marketing Your Small Business

Shelter your Small Business from an Audit

Time Management Skills

Computer Lifestyle

A+ Certification Core Tutorial

A+ Certification DOS/Windows Tutorial

A+ Certification Hardware Services Tutorials

i-Net+ Certification Tutorial

Network+ Certification Tutorial

Certified Lotus Specialist Practice Exams


Free Windows XP Tutorials

Microsoft Windows 98 (57 tutorials)

What Is Windows?

Windows Folders and Directories

How to Find Files on your computer

Install an Operating System (Windows)

List of Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Bytes and Kilobytes: Understanding File Sizes

How to Back Up your Hard Drive

Keyboard Functions in Windows

Using Character Map


Intuit's Quicken (5 Tutorials)

Macromedia Dreamweaver (17 Tutorials)

Macromedia Flash 4.0 (21 Tutorials)

Microsoft Access (21 Tutorials)

Microsoft Frontpage (13 Tutorials)

Microsoft Money (4 Tutorials)

Microsoft Word XP

Microsoft Word Tutorial

Microsoft Word 97 (34 Tutorials)

RedHat Linux (34 Tutorials)

Build your Own PC / Computer

How to Purchase Digital Cameras

Palm Pilot Tutorials (6 Tutorials)

AOL (42 Tutorials)

How to get free e-mail

How to Attach a File to an E-mail

Introduction to LINUX

Time Management Skills

Stress Relief Techniques and Exercises

Learn to Read and Speak Spanish

Lose Weight Effectively

Remembering Names

Asking Someone out on a Date

Giving Gifts to your Loved One

Plan an Inexpensive Wedding

50 Ways to be a Romantic Man

How to Date Online Safely and Enjoyably

How to Make Your Love Last a Lifetime

Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

Make Various Kinds of Salsa

Throw a Memorable Baby Shower


Financial Home/Garden

How to Avoid an IRS Tax Audit

How to Shop Online Safely & Securely

Developing a Family Budget

Reducing your Credit Card Debt

Shape up Your Spending

Tax Preparation for Beginners

When to Hire a Tax Professional

Quicken or MS Money Financial Planning

House Repair Tutorials (11 Tutorials)
Fun Web Design

Chess Tutorials

Card Games - Spades, Hearts, Euchre

Solitaire Games - Freecell, Klondike, Pyramid

Uses for Old CD's

Create a Dog Animal Balloon

Guitar Tutorial - Acoustic and Electric

Introduction to XHTML

Checklist for a Quality Site

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets

How to Design a Web Page using MS Word

How to Find Online Advertisers (How to Make Money on the Internet)

Introduction to HTML

Introduction to Meta Tags

Macromedia Dreamweaver (17 Tutorials)

Macromedia Flash 4.0 (21 Tutorials)

Microsoft Frontpage (13 Tutorials)


LearnthatQuick Free tutorials and How-to's


A Lesson in Frugal Back-to-School Shopping   POPULAR!  

Even though you may not be ready to think about sending children back to school, now is a good time to think about...

Adhesives Provide 'Nail Power' Without the Nails   POPULAR!  

Homeowners are finding that adhesives are indispensable when it comes to do-it-yourself projects around the home.

Are you ready to start a business?   POPULAR!  

Find out if you are ready to start your own business in this easy to read tutorial from the Small Business Administration.

Barbecue Food Safety   POPULAR!  

Cook outdoors safely and enjoy some great barbeque food!

Beautiful Flowers - Simply!   POPULAR!  

An easy way to grow for success.

Bring Out the Best in Your New Married Life   POPULAR!  

The quest for love -- and for the perfect partner -- is really a quest for wholeness. When speaking of spouses or significant others, people often refer to "my better half," or "my soul mate."

Business Plan Basics   POPULAR!  

Learn the basics before you begin writing your business plan.

Can You Deck the Halls Debt Free?   POPULAR!  

Don't let holiday trimmings trim your savings.

Choosing a Telephone Service   POPULAR!  

The Choices are Different Today - There are increasingly more and more choices today from telephone companies offering...

Choosing the Right Summer Travel Car   POPULAR!  

How to choose the right car for summer travel.

Cleaning Tips for New Dads   POPULAR!  

Move over, moms. You're not the only ones taking time off work to take care of a new baby.

Clothing Ideas at Value Prices   POPULAR!  

This year, as consumers reach for their wallets, they are choosing to spend at discount stores to stretch their dollars.

Create Time for Travel and Personal Pursuits   POPULAR!  

Imagine driving to the beach, camping in the woods or even being in the most remote location and still being able to connect with the world.

Creating a Defensive Unit   POPULAR!  

Pick the right players for your defensive unit.

Credit 101: What You Didn’t Learn in College   POPULAR!  

Good financial information.

Credit 101: What You Didn’t Learn in College   POPULAR!  

With college graduation comes many new concerns: getting a "real" job, an apartment, maybe a car. You’ll need to buy a good interview outfit, furnish that apartment and finance that car. And of course, it is summer, and you’ve worked hard for four years (maybe more) so you want a little fun in the sun, too.

Cyberdating: Safety in Meeting Someone Online   POPULAR!  

Dating and meeting someone safely on online dating sites

Dads: Stay Involved In Your Child's Life   POPULAR!  

Being actively involved in your child's life has many rewards -- memories, great conversations, a deeper relationship with your child, and the chance to...

Don’t Let Poor Estate Planning Hurt Your Family   POPULAR!  

An estate is more than just money. Even if your kids are grown-up with families of their own, you can probably remember scenes of intense sibling rivalry when they were younger.

Don’t Outlive Your Money   POPULAR!  

Are You Investing Wisely for Retirement? Just about everyone who had money in the stock market has experienced a precipitous drop in their net worth over the past couple years. Whether their portfolio was hit hard by failing tech stocks or corporate scandal, the end result is the same: less money, both for the near term and the future.

Don't Drive Like a Speed Demon on Halloween   POPULAR!  

Don't Drive Like A Speed Demon" is the Halloween safety message this year from the American Optometric Association (AOA).

Express Your Patriotism with Gifts of Crystal   POPULAR!  

Jewelry and home décor items reflect the nation's resurgent pride.

Finding Cheap Airfare on the Web   POPULAR!  

How to find cheap airline tickets on the web.

Fixed vs. Adjustable: Which Mortgage Is Right for   POPULAR!  

Find the right mortgage.

Fresh Ideas Herald Fall Decorating   POPULAR!  

Looking for a room with a view when there is none? Can't afford to move, or renovate?

Get Reacquainted with Your City   POPULAR!  

It seems that no matter where you live, even if it's a large, bustling city like New York, Chicago or San Francisco, you tend to take it for granted. You may not even realize it until you have out-of-town guests and take them to "do the town," and think to yourself, "I haven't been here in ages," or "That's new -- why haven't I heard of it?"

Hard Economic Times, Expensive Gas & Oil Prices -   POPULAR!  

Scooters Offer A New Inexpensive, Ecologically Friendly Way to Travel

High Tech Gifts Help Grads Prepare for Future   POPULAR!  

Every year, many young adults graduate from high school or college and take a significant step toward their future.

How do I find the right desktop computer for me?   POPULAR!  

How do I find the right computer for me? With all the choices in the market, what should I look for? Find out in this easy to read free tutorial.

How Do I Make Money with a Content Website?   POPULAR!  

Is the Internet Advertising market dead? How can I cash in when I have a hot content website?

How to Add a DVD Video System   POPULAR!  

Adding a DVD video system to your system.

How to Annoy Someone   POPULAR!  

A funny look at ways to annoy someone.

How to Ask for a Raise   POPULAR!  

Get up the nerve and earn the money you deserve!

How to Buy a Safe Car for Your Teen   POPULAR!  

Finding a safe car for your teenage drivers.

How to Care for Your Car as a Student   POPULAR!  

Car care tips for college students and parents.

How to Email Your Representative   POPULAR!  

Contact your congressional representative with this easy to follow tutorial!

How to Ensure Your Windshield is Installed   POPULAR!  

How to Ensure Your Windshield is Properly Installed

How to Find a Good Deal on an Almost New Car   POPULAR!  

Buying an almost new car.

How to Find a Good Deal with Your Credit   POPULAR!  

Using your credit rating to find a good deal on a car

How to Find a Niche Market for Your Business   POPULAR!  

Find a niche for your new business and succeed.

How to Find the Best Car   POPULAR!  

Finding the best family car.

How to Find the Perfect Bike   POPULAR!  

Buying the best bike for you.

How to Keep Your Car Going for Years   POPULAR!  

A little wax and shine to help your automobile make it through the years.

How to Keep Your Old Car Running Like New   POPULAR!  

Keep your car running like new!

How to Make Mistakes to Make Money   POPULAR!  

Mistakes are a key to Entreprenuership

How to Plant a Container Garden   POPULAR!  

Container gardens are a popular item for apartment dwellers or people who don't want to put in a permanent garden.

How to Prepare Your Car for Summer   POPULAR!  

Car maintenance for your automobile for the summer months.

How to Prevent Static on the Radio   POPULAR!  

Reduce electronic interference on your radio.

How to Protect Your Business Ideas   POPULAR!  

Protecting your intellectual property is very important to the success of your business.

How to Protect Yourself From Auto Repair Scams   POPULAR!  

Ways to protect yourself from automobile repair scams.

How to Quickly Defrost Frozen Dough    

Teaches how to defrost frozen dough or quickly warm refrigerated dough.

How to Refresh Pages Using Meta Tags   POPULAR!  

How to refresh pages using meta tags - or redirect pages to another page or site using Meta Tags.

How to Ride Safe on Your Motocycle   POPULAR!  

Tips and hints for keeping safe on your motocycle.

How to Save Money While Shopping   POPULAR!  

Tips and Ideas on saving money.

How to Send a Thank You Note After the Interview   POPULAR!  

Sending a thank you note after an interview is a classy and often missed part of the interview process.

How to Split the Screen in Microsoft Word 2000   POPULAR!  

You can split the screen in Microsoft Word so you can work on and see multiple areas in the same document. Find out how!

How to Stop Smoking   POPULAR!  

Do you want to quit smoking? Have you been having difficulty quitting?

How to Teach a Driving Block   POPULAR!  

One of the most important functions of a successful football offense is the offensive line blocking. Learn how to teach a driving block.

How to Transport Cargo Safely   POPULAR!  

Transporting your cargo safely with this tutorial.

How to Use Email Marketing to Increase Sales   POPULAR!  

Using Email Marketing to Increase Your Business Exposure

How to Write an Effective Resume   POPULAR!  

Do you want to set yourself apart in your job search? An effective resume can help you find a great career!

I Can't Afford A PR/Publicity Campaign -- Can I?   POPULAR!  

Creating an affordable public relations campaign.

Immunizations Give a Better Shot at Good Health   POPULAR!  

Today's Healthy Outlook with Jennifer Foss, R.N. Immunizations have been so successful in the United States, some people take them for...

Keys and Tips to Planning a Romantic Date   POPULAR!  

Five steps to having a romantic date.

Make Your Home Look Lived In While On Vacation   POPULAR!  

Professional home burglars look for signs of people on vacation and strike then. Protect yourself with this tutorial.

No Deje que le Engañen con la Reparación   POPULAR!  

No Deje que le Engañen con la Reparación de su Automóvil

Overcoming the Fear of Rejection   POPULAR!  

How to overcome the fear of rejection and ask someone out on a date!

Picture-perfect Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day   POPULAR!  

Flowers are nice, but they don’t last. Chocolates are fine, but who needs the extra calories? Maybe it’s time to rethink the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts. Why not surprise your loved one this year with something unique and personalized? Instead of running out to the mall, take a new look at all of those photos you have around the house.

Planning an Outdoor Wedding   POPULAR!  

An outdoor wedding is a dream for many couples, and there are a variety of locations to consider -- scenic landmarks, historic estates, parks, the beach, or even your own backyard.

Reducing Back-to-School Stress   POPULAR!  

It's that time of year again -- put away the beach bags and get out the back packs -- school is just around the corner.

Separating Your Childrens' Laundry   POPULAR!  

Want to know an easy way to easily separate your kid's laundry?

Sólo una hora de trabajo protejerá a su automóvil   POPULAR!  

Sólo una hora de trabajo protejerá a su automóvil por cinco años

Sólo una hora de trabajo protejerá a su automóvil   POPULAR!  

Sólo una hora de trabajo protejerá a su automóvil por cinco años

Start Your Engines this Summer with Safer Tires   POPULAR!  

Prepare For Safer Road Trips With Tire Care Tips

Strengthening Ties with Grandparents   POPULAR!  

Seniors today, many of whom are grandparents, are living longer than ever.

Ten Tips for Using E-mail to Get News Coverage    

E-mail news releases. Use them right or lose the chance for getting free publicity.

Tips for Car Travel   POPULAR!  

Tips and ideas to help you on your next road trip.

Tips Keep Kids and Teens Safe on the Internet   POPULAR!  

Today's world requires us to be computer savvy, but for many, getting acquainted with a PC is a terrifying and frustrating experience.

Tips to Bring the Family Together at Dinner   POPULAR!  

Getting the family together for a meal may seem like it requires a monumental effort. Long work days, complicated school schedules and extra-curricular activities pull everyone in different directions. Many parents find it difficult to keep up with their children's lives. Days may go by without the whole family spending any time together at all.

Trust Your Own Creativity When Using Color   POPULAR!  

If you’re looking for permission to love color again -- here’s the visual nourishment you’ve been thirsting for. Today’s lively hues aren’t just for clothing and magazine spreads.

Understanding the Defensive Positions in Football   POPULAR!  

This tutorial helps you understand who the defensive players are on the football team.

Understanding the Offensive Positions in Football   POPULAR!  

Understanding the different positions in a football offense can help you enjoy the game more!

Weekly Meetings Help Families to Manage Schedules   POPULAR!  

Our parents’ generation complained about the rat race, but at least in their day most families had only one breadwinner battling a relentless agenda. Now it seems that every family member is on the treadmill.

What do I do with parents?   POPULAR!  

Coaching a youth football team has many challenges - some of which may be the parents!

What does the 'Print Screen' key do?   POPULAR!  

Find out the reason we have a print screen key on the keyboard.

What is a Business Plan Used For?   POPULAR!  

Find out why you are writing a business plan and what you can use it for.

What to do if my cat won't use the litter box?   POPULAR!  

What can I do if my cat won't use the litter box anymore? Find out here in this free tutorial.


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