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Prospective Customer Information Form For Japan Only

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  Complete this form to have an Introductory Packet sent directly to you as a prospective customer free of charge.  The introductory packet contains all the information that a prospective customer from Japan should know.  It consists of the following documents: Cover Letter, Company Business Guide, Statement of Policies and Procedures, Product Information, Compensation Plan, Customer Agreement Form, Independent Marketing Executive Form, Order Form, Price List, Self-addressed Envelope, Bank Payment Form, Postal Payment Form, and Automatic Withdrawal Application Form (automatic withdrawal from customer's bank account of the amount of purchase).  Please note that this Introductory Packet is part of the Company's Business Kit.

  This form is to be used to mail the Introductory Packet only. It does not constitute a contract between Company of Japan and the party named. The information below should match the current customer record. Incomplete information will delay or prevent the Company processing of this form.  You need to fill out the information on the other enrollment page also at this time.

Prospective Customer Information

Customer Name
Referred By:                   (Member E-mail or Name)
Mailing Address 1
Mailing Address 2
Mailing Address 3
Telephone Day
Telephone Night



1. You must complete the Prospective Marketing Executive form and Hit the submit button once. Upon receipt of the form, it will be entered into the system and forwarded to the office in Japan for processing.

2. The Company office in Japan will send the Introductory Packet to you as a “prospective” customer.

3. Your enroller must follow up with you as a prospective customer to ensure all the materials needed to enroll have been provided, provide answers to questions, and ensure he/she is identified as the enroller before the agreement is returned to the Company of Japan office. 

4. You will be provided with details for attending training meetings conducted by the Japan staff.

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