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Heart Disease Research and Prevention

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In the amount of time it takes you to read the page on the right, two people will have died of heart disease! Cardiovascular disease kills one person every 33 seconds in the United States.


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Welcome to Heart Disease Research and Prevention!

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Do you realize there are three choices that you can make in your life concerning cardiovascular disease? The first choice is to do nothing and hope that you never have a problem. The second choice is to wait until a problem appears then hope that you are not disabled or killed. The third choice is to do what you can now to prevent cardiovascular disease from occurring. You will find this site full of information on the third choice, prevention. This is based on the continuing research that has been published on Dr. John D. Folts. Please bookmark this site or add to your favorites, so you can come back often.

Dr. Folts is the researcher that discovered the benefits of aspirin, back in 1973. This research on aspirin's ability to make blood platelets less sticky led to the drug becoming standard treatment for heart disease. Dr. Folts most recent research has discovered certain flavonoids can be better then aspirin in regulating platelet activity. Aspirin doesn't have antioxidant (free-radical-fighting) properties, which is needed to keep LDL cholesterol from oxidizing. Flavonoids are potent antioxidants that keep LDL cholesterol from oxidizing and damaging arterial walls. Dr. Folts predicts that Flavonoids supplements may be standard treatment for heart patients --"possibly in the very near future."

I hope that you will take the time to read through the information that I have presented on this web site. You will then understand how easy it is to get real protection now, even though you have a very active lifestyle.

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